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Java Barat

Bandung Places of Interest


Mountain & crater

Tangkuban Parahu
The beautiful is still virgin and natural which hasn’t been touched by structuring. So many visitors are interested for it’s charming. Location in Sindangbarang 125 km from Cianjur and 220 km from Jakarta

Tourism atrraction Puntang mountain is historical tourism object which located at Komplek Gunung Malabar. On 1300 m in surface of sea with temparature between 18'- 23' C. base on the story of Pasundan society which develop of of the public, here before avaliable a kingdom which namely Nagara Puntang. At some place founded the rock thingk has related with inheritance of Puntang history as: Korsi rock, Kaca - kaca rocks and Kampaan rocks. On Hindia - Belanda period in this location established a radio transmitter (Stasiun Pemancar Radio Malabar). Until now ruins of that transmitter can be found, as witness of historiest.

Kawah Putih
At Bandung south area, about 46 km from Bandung avaliable one mountain which namely "Gunung Patuha - the oldest parent called, Gunung Sepuh 2434 m from the land, it is has 2 crater, thar are: Saat crater on the top of west, and Putih crater under the Saat crater 2.194 m from the land, both the crater formed because eruption on X century and XII century.

At Bandung south area, about 46 km from Bandung avaliable one mountain which namely "Gunung Patuha - the oldest parent called, Gunung Sepuh 2434 m from the land, it is has 2 crater, thar are: Saat crater on the top of west, and Putih crater under the Saat crater 2.194 m from the land, both the crater formed because eruption on X century and XII century.

Drive to Ciwidey via Soreang. Those using public transportation have to change in Ciwidey from a big bus to a minibus bound for Rancabali or Lake Patengan. Exactly 10 km from the Ciwidey bus terminal you come to the new access road to Kawah Putih on the left. This is the entrance to the western approach
After paying a small admission fee, you drive up about 6 km on a bumpy road (good enough for a minibus but rather rough on a sedan) to a car park. A short flight of steps takes you down to Kawah Putih. Those without a car can walk from the main to Kawah Putih in under two hours.


lake & water fall

Situ Ciburuy
Located 22 Km from Bandung famous with its typical nature that is high chalk hills boosting, provided with shop drink, souvenir, stage of artistry facilities.

Situ Patengan
The tourism object which located at high level of south Bandung altitude more less 1.600 meter of the surface of sea.

Tourism activity which doing as enjoy the beautiful view and enjoy the fresh of mountain climate, and also boating and water motorcycle to around the lake, fishing, watch for flora and fauna, crossing the nature.beside that are activity the visitor also can walking and see surili animal between the tress, enjoy the beatifu of nature and the fresh of garden tea climate which located near the location.

Cimahi Waterfall
Located at subdistrict of Cisarua, 10 km from Cimahi to Lembang or can reached trough Lembang (before Grand Hotel), turn left to west, and gate there Cimahi - lembang street. To location of waterfall must trough by walking steep descend ( some part as stairs), and can reached on 15 - 30 minute, Curug (waterfall) visited by most youth who is like to do hiking,

Dago Waterfall
Curug Dago located at Nort of Bandung, the attraction of this location there are avaliable a waterfall with height 30 meter. Reach that waterfall do by walking or by motor cycle, altough not avaliable special line for vehicle.

This waterfall is part of upper course of Cikapundung river which crossed Bandung city. Avaliable facilities as : place for shelter and seat also temporari café, which present at holiday.

Waterfalls, recreation grounds and a magnificent gorge make Maribaya, just a few minutes east of Lembang, a very popular resort. On Sundays this is a particularly crowded spot. Minibuses and horse carts are frequent from Lembang. Maribaya draws many Bandung residents on Sundays because of the hot springs which are channeled into a small public pool and various private cabins. Some come here for the children’s playground and horseback ridding (about $3/hr.), and many just to have a picnic in the park.

A magnificent walk leads through the Cikapundung Gorge to Juanda Park, about an hour and a half away. The path leads first to a waterfall (unfortunately, no swimming is possible) and then in to the gorge. Farther on the path forks: left leads out of the valley again, up the slope and to an other fork where turning left takes you to an impressive view points just above Maribaya; the path to the right takes you to Dago. Walking further through the gorge you reach Juanda Park, passing Japanese World War II bunkers along the way. Another hike back to Bandung begins at the new car park posted “Curug Omas”, which is 5 km from the Lembang crossroads and before you reach Maribaya. This path provides far better views than the rail in the gorge. This trail, too, goes to Juanda Park or, some forty-five minutes longer, to the Ciumbuleuit area. Directions Go straight (east) at the Lembang crossroads and follow the charming tree-lined road. Some 4 km from Lembang the roads begins to dip steeply into the Cikapundung Valley. If you go by horse cart you have to walk this last downhill section. The Maribaya recreation park is 5.5 km from the crossroads.


park & zoo

Bandung Zoo sheltering many kind of scarce animal. Zoo has facilities such as Zoology Museum, play park for kids, and art performance. Placed on Jalan Tamansari near ITB campus, Bandung Zoo sale ticket in that can be reach by all level society.

Cihideung Flower Garden
Bandung has obtained the tittle City of Flowers certainly for a reason. The Cihideung Village in the northern part of the city display the remains of what has made Bandung always associated with flowers. Along the roads of Cihideung village we can see the front yard of every houses full of flowers and colorful decorative plants, welcoming every steps of visitors.



forest & camp field

Juanda Forest
Going further from Dago Tea House following the Dago road, to the north is Juanda Forest Park, up hill of northern Bandung. It is a refreshing 50-ha reservation site that preserves over 2500 kind of trees from 40 families and 108 species. You can stroll around in the park, visit underground fortifications made by the Dutch and Japanese, or hike up into the hills above Dago as far as Maribaya. On Sundays and public holidays the park is rather crowded.

Directions By public transportation go up to the Dago bus terminal and transfer to a minibus going to Taman Juanda. By car, drive up Jl. Juanda to the Dago terminal (about 3 km from the Jl. Siliwangi intersection) and take the second street to the left past the terminal. Drive on until you reach the entry gate to Juanda park. A hefty Rp. 2,500 is charge for parking your car, but there is little other choice.

Cikole Camping Area
An encampment has width 4,88 hectare, lovated 1300 m above sea level, do not far from Tangkuban Perahu’s gate a streets of Lembang-Subang. The facilities are play ground, parking area, garden, etc.

Ranca Upas Camping Area
Camp land residing around crop o Eucalyptus. It’s 42 Km from Bandung southernly with temperature range from 18-23 degree Celsius. It’s also has a cultivation place of deers.



Perkebunan Malabar
Perkebunan teh yang dikelola oleh Perusahaan perkebunan PTP XIII disebelah selatan Pangalengan. Dapat ditempuh seharian pulang - pergi dari Bandung. Sangat baik untuk berakhir pekan dengan bermalam di perusahaan Malabar Guest house.

Dengan tarif kamar $ 35, dengan pemesanan terlebih dahulu. (Jl. Juanda 107; telepon 22 - 2502049), tamu dapat masuk ke tempat khusus sebuah kolam sumber air panas Cibolang.

Kebun Teh Pangalengan
Pilihan lain dari dua jam perjalanan dengan mengunakan kendaraan melewati Dayeuh kolot menuju sebuah pasar yang kecil di Pangalengan, di sebelah tenggara Bandung, kota pangalengan sendiri dibatasi tetapi mengelilingi daerah yang sangat menyenangkan. Daerah tujuan keluar dari pangalengan termasuk dua danau, sebuah peristirahatan sumber air panas, kawah gunung wayang di dekatnya, dan sebuah perkebunan the yang sangat besar.

Kondisi jalan yang menakutkan yang selanjutnya jalan bercabang sebelum Santosa sebuah daerah kecil pabrik pembuatan teh, dan gunung Papandayan, menuju Cisewu dan ke selatan pesisir pantai. Jalan lain menghubungkan menuju lembah Ciwidey, santosa adalah kawasan yang menyenangkan, menawarkan untuk bermalam di perkebunan the, tinggal untuk bersantai dari kehidupan kota yang sibuk, perkebunan teh dikelola oleh perusahaan perkebunan PTP XIII di sebelah selatan Kota pangalengan.


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